About Arshman Manpower Bureau

Arshman Manpower Bureau is based in the city of Faisalabad, also known as the Manchester of Pakistan. Arshman Manpower Bureau established in 2009. With a strong reputation by high professional standards, integrity and quality, Arshman Manpower Bureau provides work opportunity of skilled and unskilled manpower as well as skilled technicians, engineers and professionals. Arshman Manpower Bureau is committed to fulfill all the contractual obligations of our clients and meet their specific needs for the growth and development of their company.

Legal Status

Arshman Manpower Bureau secured the Overseas Employment Promoters License # 2764/LHR in July 2009 from the Ministry of Labour & Manpower, Government of Pakistan. As a dynamic overseas services provider, we ensure efficient and productive services in compliance with laws and regulations of the Government of Pakistan, pertaining to foreign employment. To view our License, please Click Here

Mission & Vision

Arshman Manpower Bureau is going on the way to put its part in the development of country providing employment opportunities to the deserving people and required manpower to the employers acting upon its Quality Policy and to be the one in its line of work.

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