Recruitment Procedure

The recruiting procedure at our Agency is as follows:

  • Documentation & processing stage, Maximum of 10 days. The Committee on Recruitment advises the Manager Recruitment on the final selection of the candidate.
  • The recruitment Manager, thru the Recruitment Supervisor, advises the recruit and discusses the full details of the final job offer notice from the client
  • The Recruitment Supervisor instructs Recruits to complete and submit any deficient or additional requirements Likewise, the Recruit is provided with a comprehensive some guidelines and instructions for easy reference
  • The Field Officer issues the Medical Examination Referral slip to the recruit for immediate compliance
  • The recruitment Supervisor, upon receipt of the Medical Tests Result, endorses the documents needed for processing with different Government Agencies Concerned in overseas contract workers
  • Simultaneously, the Recruitment Supervisor Instructs the Recruit to authenticate their personal documents with the Different Agencies concerned, as requirement of the client or Employer and their country
  • The Processing section upon completion of all formalities with the Government agencies concerned secures the airline ticket and prepares the application of the recruit for filling to the Embassy.
  • The Processing Section usually assists the Recruit in the authentication of their documents by the Embassy or any business of the recruits concerning the Embassy, is undertaken by the Section.



Maximum of 15 days

  • Upon receipt of the job Order or Requisition from the client, Manager Recruitment immediately evaluate and completes the data of Requisition to assure accuracy in the execution of the project.
  • The Manager Recruitment prepares a General Information on Sheet on the Job Order and endorses the project officer for sourcing of commodities.
  • The Recruitment Supervisor immediately conducts job site rite recruitment from reputable and successful local companies whose nature of business is similar or approximates that of client, Sourcing is enhanced by the support of the Administration Department with its applicant date base or through preparation of effective local newspaper advertisement and other promotional programs.
  • Responding applicants are received by the Receptionist or Project Officer, who provided everyone with the General Information sheet on the Job Order, like wise, screening of applicants and completion of required eliminating the qualified or unfit from the potential, legitimate applicants.